Sleeper - 4.0.0

Sleeper 4.0.0

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Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Also available, Snooze (iOS 7)

Introducing Sleeper, a tweak designed to give you some additional features for your iOS alarms. Sleeper includes two major features: the ability to change the snooze time for your alarms, as well as having the ability to "skip" alarms (more details below). A lot of effort went into the design of the user interface with the idea of trying to keep it look like a stock Apple design.

To use the features of Sleeper, simply navigate to your alarms in the Clock app like you normally would. From here, either edit an existing alarm or create a new one. You will notice below the normal alarm options that you will have the ability to change the snooze time, enable skip, and change the skip time.

Clicking on the snooze time will present you with a time picker where you can change the snooze time to whatever you would like. From now on, any time you snooze this particular alarm, it will snooze for the amount of time you chose.

The skip feature will allow you to skip a single instance of an alarm without the need to turn the alarm off completely. This feature was designed primarily for those people who use recurring alarms. Have you ever woke up a few minutes before your morning alarm and get ready for work to come back to your phone and realize that your alarm has been going off because you forgot to turn it off? With the skip feature, you can avoid this by skipping a single instance of an alarm if you happen to get up before it is planned to go off. This works by setting a "skip time" which is the amount of time before an alarm is going to go off that the system will use to ask if you would like to skip the alarm. For example, if your alarm is set for 7:00am and your skip time is 30 minutes, if you wake up anytime after 6:30am and before 7:00am, the system will ask if you would like to skip the alarm. Once you unlock your phone between this time frame, you will be prompted to skip the alarm. If you say yes, this instance of an alarm will not go off. This all happens without actually disabling the alarm, so you won't have to worry about turning them on and off so you won't miss an important meeting the next day. If you say no, then this alarm will go off as normal.

ThinkTank News has provided an in-depth review and demonstration of Sleeper's features here:
Sleeper is an open source project, available on GitHub here.






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Fix for iOS8 and iOS9 compatibility that was broken in 3.0.1. Sorry about that!

Fix for some rare crashes on iOS10 when using the Bedtime alarm.