CarBridge (iOS 13) - 1.0.2

CarBridge (iOS 13) 1.0.2

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Compatible with iOS 13.0 - 13.3.1
For iOS 10 - 12 look here.
Owners of the original CarBridge will receive a 30% off discount at checkout!

Welcome to CarBridge for iOS 13!

View any app in CarPlay! With CarBridge you can view any app in CarPlay that is displayed on your phone.
Features include:

  • View your device's screen on your CarPlay enabled display
  • Watch videos and play games directly on your car
  • Control your phone with touch right from your car without picking your phone up
  • Activate your phone's home button by tapping the portal icon in the CarPlay dock

CarBridge for iOS 13 is a complete rewrite of the original CarBridge for iOS 10, with new and improved icons. Please note that this version of CarBridge only includes the portal app from the original CarBridge as a result of the CarPlay changes in iOS 13. For help with CarBridge itself (not Packix support) please view our Discord.
Refunds will only be issued in cases where bugs are caused directly by CarBridge itself (NOT CarPlay) on listed supported iOS versions. Packix issues or user error problems (unwillingness to jailbreak) are not valid.

Version History

UPDATED February 25, 2020
IOS VERSION(S) 13.0 - 13.4.5